The highlight of lockdown for the club’s hill runners was, no doubt about it, the Contactless Relay on May 16th when 33 Shetts covered close to 150 miles with not one succumbing to shaking hands in the handover process. Running a close second though, and the one reason that made the relay such a special event, had to be the distribution of the proceeds purchased with the generous donations from the Just Giving fundraiser. A magnificent total of more than £2000 was raised!

Six Shetts made it to the start line at The Forge for this event to split the donations and allocate the various Care home destinations. A selection of soft drinks, wine, various kinds of biscuits and a few envelopes with cash was on the cards to be distributed between 11 care homes, all from the East End of Glasgow.

Shetts hill runners in action at The Forge for the start

‘Sunshine’ Shona Robertson did all the homework and negotiated a discount from Aldi, got custom printed tote bags and, once the care homes had been shortlisted, contacted the staff  directly to find out what would be more useful as a donation. Some homes requested goodie bags to be given to staff while others asked for money for things like a new staff fridge, a staff takeaway night or to help build a memorial garden.

Bailleston care home

Myrtle and Susan Breckenridge were in charge of distributing a heavy load to three care homes yet possibly managed the fastest round of the East End. Shona Robertson and Rod Reis visited four homes but only offloaded goodies at one…it was cash donations for all the others. Our Portuguese member Rod felt right at home chatting to the Sisters at St Joseph’s.

Saint Joseph’s care home

As for The Pattersons, Christine and ‘Le Emperor’ Malcolm, they delivered goodies to three care homes in the Shettleston area and not being able to resist the calling of our spiritual home wrapped up by having coffee at the Pelican café on Shettleston Road.

Greenfield Park care home

And so another joyous Shettleston Harriers Hill Runners venture came to a close

The list of care homes that received a donation from the club were…

Saint Josephs, Greenfield Park, Craigend, Hogganfield, Burlington Court, Haydale, Mossvale, Eastbank, Ballieston, Springboig, Greyfriars.

Report by Rodrigo Reis

Rod at Burlington Care Home

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