Saturday saw the club celebrate the 2018 Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Season for our Young Athletes as well as just having a great evening for the Young Athletes and their families.

In the Cross Country and Road awards Katie Woods, Matthew Fox, Erin Ellor, David Woods, Elsie Hollywood, Gregor Campbell and Jamie Burns picked up awards.

On the track Katie Woods, Matthew Fox, Jessica Grant, Ruaridh Campbell, Ellie Thomson, Gregor Campbell, Teddy Tchoudja and Kasey Fraser.

The Rena Young Girl Performance of the Year went to Teddy Tchoudja (Scottish Shot Title), San Sebastian Boys Performance Jack Guthrie (2nd U20 Scottish 100m), Nat Muir Middle Distance Performance Gregor Campbell (Scottish 1500m title), Eddie Taylor Javelin Award Hannah Struthers, David Young Discus Award Jay McCarthy.

The following people received the Shettleston Harriers Standard Awards, these are awarded to athletes who performance ranks them in the top 200 on the Power of 10 Rankings. Bronze award (101 to 200) to Hannah Struthers (Shot), Ruaridh Campbell (Shot), Gregor Campbell (800m) & Teddy Tchoudja (Discus). Silver award (21 to 100) to Jay McCarthy (Shot, Discus, Hammer), Jack Guthrie (100m), Gregor Campbell (1500m), Johnny Burns (800m, 1500m), Michael Conteh (100m, 200m) & Erin Ellor (3000m). The Gold Award (Top 20 ) went to Teddy Tchoudja (Shot 6th) and Michael Conteh (Shot 15th).

Every year the Club Coaches are asked to nominate athletes for the Shettleston Harriers Merit Award. The awards are given to athletes who show great commitment in training, This year awards went to Leah McCluskey, Lucas McGarrity, Eva Porteous, Jay Millar, Emma Leiper, Emily Chatham, Adam Martin, Theo Carter, Kasey Fraser and Jessica Grant. This year’s Merit Cup for the Athlete of the Year went to Maynard Conteh.

A big thank you to everyone who attended, a big thank to Elaine Mackay and John Duffy for helping with the presentations, and for Tracey Fox and Alex Mackay for organising the event.

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