This week’s challenge is the Virtual 800m Challenge.


800m Run
• The 800m run involves the farthest travel from the home. It is recommended that athletes walk the route with an adult before running their timed attempt, and all athletes must be supervised by a responsible adult from within their household whilst completing their run.
• Athletes should have assistance from an adult in measuring out a 400m route (out and back) or 800m route (loop starting and ending at the same point) using a GPS device or other method of measurement. You could also use a website like Mapometer to plan your route.
• All government guidelines in regard to Social Distancing must be strictly adhered to during the 800m run. Any changes to the government guidelines will be implemented
o Athletes MUST avoid popular running/walking routes or busy parks
o Be considerate to other people by keeping a 2m distance at all times when passing
o Runs MUST be completed solo or with someone from the same household
o Do not drive somewhere to run – run from home and back again
• The supervising adult is expected to conduct a dynamic risk assessment whilst planning the route to include:
o condition of paths and roads – avoid running through areas in a poor state of repair
o width of paths and trails for respecting 2m social distancing guidelines
o time of run – avoid, if possible, running at popular times such as lunchtime and early
evening. Do not run after dark.
o expected weather conditions and the impact this may have. The SUPERteams
Challenge runs for a full week, so avoid bad weather if possible.
• Times can be recorded using any standard stopwatch, including a smartphone app. Times
should be recorded by a responsible adult. Times should be recorded and rounded up to the closest second: 2:48.55 = 2:49; 3:34.16 = 3:35.

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