The club was sadden to hear the news from South Africa of one of mainstays of the club in the 1950/60’s has passed away at the age of 80. Tom Malone always kept in touch with the club and was proud of his connection. Below is a short summary of his athletic career both in Scotland and South Africa. He was quite a star in South Africa winning the world famous Comrades Marathon.This is not actually a marathon but is 55 miles Race between Durban and Piertermaritzburg. The 1967 race was the closet ever race in an event which can attract over 25,000 runners. The club would like to extend our condolences to Tommy’s family.

Tom Malone  came from Coatbridge and joined Shettleston at the age of 15.   He was the Club and Lanarkshire Youth Champion in 1956 and Club Novice Champion in 1959.   In the National Championships he was twenty sixth in the Youths Championship in 1956 when his team finished fifth and fourth in 1957 to be part of the winning team.   As a Junior he was twenty ninth in 1958 and ninth in 1959.   He was a member of two winning Senior teams in 1961 (he was twenty third) and 1962 (thirteenth).   He ran in four E-G relays between 1958 and 1965 winning two golds and one silver, and was also part of two winning teams in the McAndrew Relay in 1959 and 1960.  Because of the club’s good performances in the E-G, they were regularly invited down to the London to Brighton and he raced in four – 1959, ’60, ’61 and ’62.   On the track he had best times of 14:36.6 for Three Miles and 30:28.6 for the Six Miles – both times run in 1961.   He emigrated to South Africa where he joined the Germiston City Sports Club and started running in ultra races with great success.   Having won the Korkie Marathon 33 miles from Pretoria to Germiston in 1966 in record time and then, one month later, went on to the Comrades Marathon which he won in 6:14:07.   In 1967 he was second by one second after a dramatic race in which he collapsed less than 75 yards from the tape by a spasm which laid him low when attempting to sprint for the tape; he got up and made for the line but was passed almost literally on the line after 55 miles of hard racing.   That was the second of ten attempts but it was to be several years before he had another run in it.

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