On Sunday at Strathclyde Park saw the Scottish 10 miles Championships run in conjunction with the Tom Scott Running Festival.

The top Harriers’ finisher was Paul Sorrie in 20th position in 55.07, next in was John Duffy with a time of 62.31, with Gillian McKinlay finishing with a time of 91.03.

In the Round the Loch 6k John Owens finished 35th with 29.34 and Joanne Harkins finishing 42nd in 31.39.

The Tollcross Parkrun saw a victory for Lewis Raeburn with John Duffy in 5th postion, Kasey Fraser was 7th, David Woods 11th, David Murphy 13th and Theo Carter 34th.

The first major Club event for the Track season will be the Club’s Young Athletes Track and Field Club Championships at Crownpoint on Sunday 15th April , first event at 10am. Please pre enter at this link


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