It was regret that the club has to report the passing of Shelia Fletcher in late February . We have just become aware of this . Shelia was involved in athletics for most of her adult life, marrying into the club. Her husband, Tom, who passed away a few years ago had been  association with the club since the late 40’s being a  former secretary ,treasurer and runner. Being a male only club in those days Shelia could not join but her contribution to the club and Scottish athletics cannot be under estimated. She spent most of her adult life officiating every weekend both for the club and athletics in general. The club is grateful for all the support the Fletcher family gave to the club even after they retired from active officiating. Only recently Shelia supported the Allan Scally race with a donation to meet the running costs. Shelia was a caring, unselfish person who did not enjoy the limelight – She just got on with it.

I am sure all club members will spend a few minutes thanking her for her support.

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