Two 8th place finishes for our Ladies team and the Master’s team were the best the club could manage in Perth at the weekend. It is taking time for our athletes to get back into competition mode after the COVID break.

Results below  


8th team : Avril Mason 15.06, Kathryn Pennell 15.21, Ruth Joss 14.54, Fionnunla Ross 13.27

Incomplete team : Holly Morrison 15.46 ,Lucy Somerville 17.10 


26th team: Chris McGarrity 12.20, Calum Oates 13.15, Michael Paxton 13.31, Adam Peters 13.49


 8th team : Denis Williams 15.02, Brian McGarrity 13.43, Iain Burns 13.37, Marc McColl 15.12 

Incomplete team: Andy Jackson 14.51, John Oates 14.45 

Young Female U/13, U/15, U/17 

30th Team : Daisy Gilidea 11.59, Katie Woods 10.56, Iman Djoudi 10.57

54th Team : Katie Monaghan 12.38, Katie Burns 12.15, Jessica Grant 12.11

Incomplete Team : Ava Millican 13.25

Young Male U/13, U/15, U/17

52nd Team : Lucas Millican 12.22, Joseph Reilly 10.17, David Woods 9.21

Incomplete Team : Sam McGowan12.38

Leeds Abbey Dash 10km 

37th Lachlan Oates 30.19 

Park Runs 

Victoria Park -1st Sam Lesley

Queens Park -1st Chris Grant Pantry PB

Tollcross – Simon Gay 

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