In near tropical condition at Crownpoint for the Young Athlete Christmas Handicap,  Rosie Burns stormed to victory beating Devyn Taylor for the Girl’s Trophy and finish 1st overall. Erin Orr finished 3rd to pick up the bronze medal.

The Boys Race saw Devyn’s brother , Brodie Taylor , picking up the Boy’s Trophy with Dylan McGuiness in 2nd and Jamie Dougan 3rd.

Kasey Fraser had the fastest time on the day when he broke the 6 min mark for the first time when he recorded 5:22 mins. One second separated each of the next athletes with Lewis Hunt 6:02, David Woods 6:03, Rios Dickens 6:04  and Johnny Burns 6:05.

For the Girls Elsie Hollywood was the fastest girl also running a PB of 6:08 with Erin Ellor 6:16 and Chloe Orr 6:30.

Plenty of other people also ran a PB over the course – Emma Leiper, Joseph Reilly, Beatrice Wainwright, Jack Johnson, Matthew Fox, Chloe Fox, Kamryn Wilson, Dorothy Gay, Katie Burns, Molly McLean, Lucymay Smith, well done to everyone

See full results and your 2016 time.

Thank you to everyone who helping by marshalling , doing the numbers and taking times and places at the finish and start. Without all these people they would not be a race.

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