Child Protection Information for Parents/Carers/Coaches/Volunteers

Welfare Officers : Richard Millar Phone No : 07774025494 and Tracey Fox  Phone No : 07855395346

Email :

Advice for Parents, Carers, Coaches and Volunteers. 

We all have an important role to play in protecting children from abuse. The information you provide and the example you set can give them the knowledge and confidence needed to deal with threatening or abusive situations.

For further information on Child Protection visit the Child Protection in Sport Service website at  or telephone Children 1st on

0131 446 2300 or This website provides information in a sensible way and adopts a sensitive approach for children, parents or carers, coaches and volunteers. The site is endorsed by groups including NSPCC and Sportscotland.

Scottish Athletics Child Protection policies have been reviewed by UK Athletics and form part of the UKA Welfare Policy. It is mandatory for all coaches and volunteers to be screened through the new PVG Scheme (Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme) which has been  introduced in February 2011 by the Scottish Government. This replaces and improves the existing Disclosure arrangements.

More information about the new procedures are available on the website at , telephone 0131 317 7320 or can be obtained from me.

Shettleston Harriers relies on volunteers and for this reason we are now asking for parent helpers to become involved in the club. Any parent interested in wishing more advice should speak to one of the coaches or myself.

We have included information for young athletes on the following page. Please explain my role within the club to your young athlete and let him/her know that I am there to help if needed.

If you wish to see a copy of Scottish Athletics Child Protection Policy or any other policies relating to your child’s welfare this information will be available on the Shettleston Harriers website .

Health Information Forms and medicines

When you apply to join the club you will be asked to complete a health information form for your young athlete. Please make sure that the form is completed.

If there is any change in the details please inform the club and provide the new information at the next session attended. This includes any changes in medication.

If you wish to discuss any issues about health information or medicines in confidence, please do so with the senior coach or Club Welfare Officers. Your Young Athletes Health Information will be made available to Coaches.

Special needs

If the young athlete has any special needs let us know.  This includes personal care, diet or medicines.

Away fixtures

The club will give you details in advance. If it is far away, you will be given an emergency contact number.

If there are any changes required to the Health Information Form, including contact details for parents or carers during the away fixtures these should be given to the club coach organising the fixture in advance. This should ideally not be on the day of the event.


Make sure your young athlete has any medicines required during coaching sessions or matches with them. The medicines should be clearly labelled with the name of the athlete, the medicine name and clear dose instructions. If the athlete is asthmatic, make sure that he/she knows when to use their inhalers. If help is required with medication let us know.

Drugs in Sport 

Participation in any UK Athletics event at any level requires consent for in and out-of-competition drug testing. Further details are available from uk:athletics website and follow the link to anti-doping.

The UKA Club’s Anti Doping (AD) Fact Sheet provides basic information for everyone.

In certain situations there is a medical requirement for an athlete to use prescribed medication containing a prohibited substance. Registration of prescribed use must be done and accepted by UKA before the medication is used or immediately its use begins.

A common example of this is using some inhalers to control asthma.

An athlete must register its use by completing a simple form, which is available from our Club Welfare Officers.

The most important thing to remember is that athletes are responsible for anything untoward found in their system no matter how it got there. It is no defence that it is medication that a Doctor or even a team Doctor prescribed. Athletes should also beware of products that are sold over the counter as they can contain prohibited substances.

Failure to register could lead to lifetime ban.

Glasgow Sport Crownpoint Complex Track Etiquette– to be read and understood by all Track users

Scottish Athletics Equality Policy for Clubs

Please see below links to information about internet and social media safety for Young People :