The Club’s new Walk to Jog Group, Jog Shettleston Harriers, was launched at Crownpoint Sports Park on Tuesday 16th April. And although the weather was bit damp there was great enthusiasm amongst the 20 people in attendance. Elaine Mackay, Shettleston Harriers’ President welcomed all to this innovative event in our club history.

After a short speech about all the benefits of running, physical, psychological and social benefits of running, the group kicked off the launch with resounding cheers, a group warm up and then 3 groups ran to Glasgow Green for their inaugural run.

The group meets every Tuesday at 7pm at Crownpoint Sport Complex. All welcome, come for a walk, talk, jog, just join in… ,Progress at your own pace, Develop a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise,  Jog leaders to keep you safe, Improve self-confidence and set your own personal training goals, Maintain good mental and physical health and most importantly have fun as you run!

For more information contact:  Email :

Thank you to Jo Stevens from Jog Scotland who came and met the club’s seven jog leaders and to everyone who supported the launch

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