Most people use their summer holidays for a bit of r&r. Not so for Jethro Lennox on his recent family break to the Isle of Jersey. A man who has set and holds records across track, hill, road and country, is never content, opting for a bit of trail running to add to his palmares.

Although this wasn’t your average trail race or holiday fun run, instead, it was Round the Rocks ultra, a 48 mile traverse of not just parts of, but the whole island of Jersey. Even by Jethro’s standards, this was probably biting off more than he can chew.

Hardly a flat course either, taking in some 4,800ft of climbing. Never doing anything by half’s, Jethro was obviously keen for a race rather than going for a run. Some 6:23:48 of running saw Jethro take the win, a country mile ahead of 2nd place some 45 minutes later.

The race clearly took its toll as footage shows.

For anyone interested, here’s Jethro’s Strava stats – no doubt a few KOMs in there too. Good to see Jethro took some racing line’s knocking 1.7 miles off the advertised route!

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