The history of the club is often recorded in club trophies but over time many have gone missing. Where are they and what is the story behind them , can you help ?

The club has 6 historical trophies in the collection at the moment – Paul Richfeld Trophy , Patrick Bannon Trophy ,John Howieson Trophy ,Shettleston Marathon Trophy, Allan Scally Relay Male and Female Trophies  and the Club Novice (Junior) Championship Trophy. The oldest Trophy is the Novice Trophy first awarded in the 1920’s.

The club also awards our Young Athletes a number of trophies –

The Boys Christmas Handicap and The Girls Christmas Handicap.

Cross Country : – The Emma Mackay Trophy, The Cross Country Shield, The Tommy Littlejohn Trophy, The Mackay Cup, The Adrian Callan Trophy, The Ewing Trophy, The Monkland Shettleston Shield, The West End Cup, The Rena Young Trophy, The George Martin Trophy.

Track and Field : – The Dickson Trophy, The Allan Scally Trophy, U13G T&F Club Champion Trophy, Central District Trophy, U15G T&F Club Champion Trophy, SABC Shield, Eddie Taylor Javelin Trophy, David Young Discus Trophy, Nat Muir MD Trophy, Rena Young Trophy, San Sebastian Trophy, Merit Award (G) Trophy, Merit Award (B) Trophy

Trophies awarded to schools : – John Cairney Cross Country Trophy (B), John Cairney Cross Country Trophy (G)

Over the years a number of trophies have gone missing and many of these trophies tell the story of Shettleston Harriers, not only about the great athletes of the club but about all our members.

Any information or photographies of missing trophies would be fantastic  – Do you know the whereabouts of any of these trophies ?

The following trophies are currently missing : –

The Under 13 Track & Field Club Champion Trophy (last awarded 2017 Survannah Batchlor (last seen 2018) )

The Under 15 Track & Field Club Champion Trophy (last awarded 2017 Alexia Donnachie (last seen 2018) )

The Shaw Cup (first awarded in 1921 ( last record of 1958 won by Graham Everett))

The Anderson Cup (first awarded in 1951 (last record of 1960 W Clark ))

Semple Strain Barrie Trophy -School trophy presented by Shettleston Old Members Club 

Kay Trophy (Youth Club Championships)

Supporters Club Trophy (first awarded 1951 (last record 1956 A.G.Watson))

McLuskey Trophy (first awarded 1956 (last record  1957 L.Botfeld))

Eddie Bannon Memorial Trophy (awarded to fastest lap at the Allan Scally Relay)

J.McQuilken Trophy (first awarded 1960 -W.Rennie)

Tomkins Trophy -(first awarded 1960 -W.Scally  & W Clarke (last record 1961 N.Foster))

W.M Hornell Trophy (Senior Championships) Field/Track  – (first awarded 1957 -R.M.Stephens (last record 1961 W.Talbot))

Hugh Brown Trophy Club Sprint Champion -(first awarded 1957 -R.Bolling (last record 1960 J.Smith))

If you can throw any light on any of the above, please email

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