It was great to see what some of our members are up too when at home. Emily F and Sophie have a 1425m route round their house and they have been doing their daily exercise using this route

“The girls have been practising running 1425 metres (this is the route outside our house ) over the last 2 weeks each day (apart from the weekends when they have a couple of days off haha) to stay fit! Sophie managed to get her time down to 7 mins 22 seconds from when she started at 8 mins 8 seconds.  She’s feeling very proud of herself just now and I wanted to share this with you for the club:) Emily has been reducing hers too and managed to get hers down to 8 minutes 23 seconds “

Meanwhile Emily T and Murray took up the Standing Long Jump Challenge and was great to see their videos, check out the club facebook

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